Q. Do you work with homeowners?

A. We will work with homeowners depending on their needs.

Q2. Does your company install the windows and doors?

A. Yes. Treyger Windows and Doors will install the hurricane impact windows and doors in your home.

Q3. Which manufacturers do you work with?

A. We carry the top brands in the hurricane impact windows and doors industry including: PGT, CGI, Windor, Jeldwen, ESWindows, Huttig, Therma-Tru, Aldora, and Euro-Wall.

Q4. Are your products "Hurricane Proof"

A. The "Hurricane Proof" Myth
Products are NOT considered "hurricane proof." Impact-resistant products are designed, tested and built to withstand certain conditions to provide reasonable storm protection. Windows and Doors can leak during severe weather events. Although they should not necessarily leak, wind speed, duration, direction, rain volume and other natural phenomena that accompany storms can all contribute to and increase the possibility of leaks.Additionally, impact-resistant glass can break, but it is designed to remain in the frame. This prohibits wind, water and other debris from entering the structure and causing further - sometimes catastrophic damage

Q. What can you tell me about Sea Turtle Lighting and Window Codes?

A. Laws:
Sea turtles are either endangered or threatened (the loggerhead is the only species that has a population high enough to be only threatened in Florida). They are protected under the Federal Endangered Species Act of 1973 and Florida's Marine Turtle Protection Act (379.2431, Florida Statutes). Florida Statutes (F.A.C. Rule 68E-1) restrict the take, possession, disturbance, mutilation, destruction, selling, transference, molestation, and harassment of marine turtles, nests or eggs. Protection is also afforded to marine turtle habitat. A specific authorization from Commission staff is required to conduct scientific, conservation, or educational activities that directly involve marine turtles in or collected from Florida, their nests, hatchlings or parts thereof, regardless of applicant's possession of any federal permit. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) dually review permits for coastal construction under Chapter 62B, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.). that affects Marine Turtles.

The state of Florida developed a model lighting ordinance (62B-55, F.A.C.) to guide local governments in creating lighting ordinances. The many counties and municipalities in Florida that have passed ordinances prohibiting light from reaching the beach can be found on the Municipal Code Corporation web site.

Sea Turtle Protection Ordinances